Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We are so excited to be celebrating our first Christmas in our new home :)  We have been able to reflect on how perfect God’s timing has been in this whole process.  We have needed to do a lot of work on our home, and if we had gotten the house when we wanted it, we wouldn’t have been able to afford it.  Instead we had to wait.. and in the mean time, we saved more money.  God’s timing may not be our timing, but his timing is always better than ours :) 


So we wish you many blessings this Christmas from our new home to yours. 

House, House, House

When we decided that it was time to start looking for a house, we had no idea the ordeal that was ahead of us.  We spend 10 1/2 months in contract on our home before we were finally able to get it.  It was a roller coaster of emotions as we went from thinking we would get the house, to thinking we would never get it and be in our tiny apartment forever.  We would go back and forth, back and forth, practically on a daily basis.

That brings us to last week.  At the beginning of the seat we were planning to cancel our contract on the house.  We kept going in circles and we were so tired of the whole process that we just couldn’t take it any more.  By Friday… we had our house.

I couldn’t believe it!  When Lan called to tell me I kept asking him “are you sure”  That day I had flowers delivered to my work from our relater, and as soon as I got off work, we rushed over to get our keys.  We almost had this feeling of … lets hurry and go get the keys before they can change their minds.


When we first got our keys and took our first walk through our home… the joy began to turn into fear.  It was a MESS!  We were scared.  We already knew that the people that were living there were not taking very good care of it… but it had gotten even worse in the last few weeks.  We had feelings of “what did we get ourselves into”.  Here are a few pictures of what greeted us at our new home…. lots and lots of trash… even a broken big screen TV.


After our relater left, we immediately got to work.  We were on a time crunch.  We got our keys on Friday and then needed to be out by Sunday in order to not need to sign a new lease.  We began by cleaning trash, removing sticky curtains (yes sticky… ewwww), and taking the vacant sticker off of our front window.

IMG_0319 IMG_0317


Friday night we did a pre-clean, Saturday we invited all of our friends to help get it in habitable condition (immense amounts of cleaner and scrubbing), and then Sunday all our friends pulled together to help us make the move.  It didn’t seem like it would be possible… but we did it and now we are at home in our house :)

***note… this was written soon after moving into our house and then posted at a later date….. after we got internet :)***

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cricut and Glass Etching

Sooooooo… this weekend Lan and I were in need of a little retail therapy.

What did you get you ask? a cricut!!! It is like a printer but it cuts stuff out. Now this is something that we have been thinking about getting for a few years… so it wasn’t a total impulse buy.


So I used my new toy to make stencils to do glass etching. It is one of the coolest things ever!

Lan cut out nerdy things that I don’t understand

Step 1: pick what you want to etch… there are these cartridges that you can choose from, or Lan figured out a way to make your own designs on the computer and have it cut those out. Then I had the cricut cut it out from contact paper. If you don’t have a cricut… and are not in need of some retail therapy… then you can make your own stencil or buy them.


Step 2: Put the contact paper on your clean glass surface and apply a thick layer of the etching cream

IMG_0303 IMG_0305

Step 3: wait 60 sec.

Step 4: wash it off… and done!


I was so amazed at how fast and easy it was! I made so many gifts last night and it was hours of entertainment. Now the next morning… we are right back at playing with our new toy. We need more things to cut out!

and just for fun…. here is a picture of me all focused playing with my new toys :) I look so worried and confused!