Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cricut and Glass Etching

Sooooooo… this weekend Lan and I were in need of a little retail therapy.

What did you get you ask? a cricut!!! It is like a printer but it cuts stuff out. Now this is something that we have been thinking about getting for a few years… so it wasn’t a total impulse buy.


So I used my new toy to make stencils to do glass etching. It is one of the coolest things ever!

Lan cut out nerdy things that I don’t understand

Step 1: pick what you want to etch… there are these cartridges that you can choose from, or Lan figured out a way to make your own designs on the computer and have it cut those out. Then I had the cricut cut it out from contact paper. If you don’t have a cricut… and are not in need of some retail therapy… then you can make your own stencil or buy them.


Step 2: Put the contact paper on your clean glass surface and apply a thick layer of the etching cream

IMG_0303 IMG_0305

Step 3: wait 60 sec.

Step 4: wash it off… and done!


I was so amazed at how fast and easy it was! I made so many gifts last night and it was hours of entertainment. Now the next morning… we are right back at playing with our new toy. We need more things to cut out!

and just for fun…. here is a picture of me all focused playing with my new toys :) I look so worried and confused!



  1. Yay Cricut! Thanks for letting me play with your new toy too. It was fun.

  2. thanks Julieanne for the link! The pictures of you guys are adorable!!! thanks, laura