Sunday, July 24, 2011

busy busy busy

I never would have guessed that my summer would end up more busy than the school year... but it is.

Right after school got out (literally the next day), Lan and I set off to Italy. We spent two weeks sightseeing, eating, drinking, and relaxing our way through Rome, Montechino, and Venice. It was amazing. I am haping to do a post on each city once we get around to sorting through our pictures.

Just about the day after returning, I started my summer job. I nanny for two girls, C who is 5 and R who is 2. They are a huge handful... especially the five year old believe it or not. And I am completely comfortable with five year olds considering I taught kindergarten.

Literally the only craft I have done so far this summer is a gift for a dear friend's wedding shower. I took a glass vase and etched a customized design onto it for a personal gift. Lan designed it with their monogram and wedding date. I loved how it turned out... and you can see how it is done here. Below isn't the best photo... but you get the idea.

I have made some time for some summer pampering for me though.... I got my hair cut. This was my first hair cut since before Christmas... so I was in desperate need. I love how it turned out.

Mixed in with Nannying, vacations, and getting my hair cut, there have been wedding showers, trips to disneyland, and celebrating friends birthdays, I have been busy. the rest of my summer is looking equally busy with two weekend vacations, starting my thesis, two weddings, and several more birthdays...oh and more work. I do have two weddings and a baby shower to use as motivation to get some crafting done... so ill keep you posted on what I make. I cleaned my craft space in anticipation :)