Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sugar and Spice Baby Shower

This was several years ago... But I never ended up posting it.  Brooklynn has become one of Emmalynn's best friends.  Here was the shower we threw her...

It is that time in my life when all of my friends are having babies (myself included), and thus I am throwing and attending a lot of baby showers.  One of my best friends is due with her sweet baby girl Brooklynn (Emmalynn’s soon to be best friend)  We threw her a sugar and spice baby shower. 
She loves orange and pink, so we decorated the backyard and tables with a plethora of orange and pink ribbons.  We draped them from every place we could and had them running down the tables.  We also had small vases filled with gerbera daises in pink and orange.
Photo Apr 15, 1 04 22 PMPhoto Apr 15, 1 04 49 PMPhoto Apr 15, 1 04 34 PMPhoto Apr 15, 2 04 07 PM
The food:
We had some sugar and spice food served family style on all of the tables.  We put the food on beautiful serving platters. 
Photo Apr 15, 1 09 13 PMPhoto Apr 15, 1 09 16 PMPhoto Apr 15, 1 09 20 PMPhoto Apr 15, 1 09 24 PMPhoto Apr 15, 1 09 07 PMPhoto Apr 15, 1 11 21 PM
The favors:
We had a candy bar set up for guests to fill baggies as their favors.  Of course all the candies were in pink and orange.  We had cute headbands decorating the containers, and little shoes and socks as decorations.  Instead of a cake, we had cake pops for people to enjoy.
Photo Apr 15, 1 06 07 PMPhoto Apr 15, 1 06 34 PMPhoto Apr 15, 1 06 43 PM
The Games:
We had several games. 
Name that baby!- For one of the games, guests submitted their baby picture ahead of time and we all had to guess which guest went with each picture.
Hair bow draw- each guest was asked to bring a hair bow, and one winner was picked out of the bucket.
thank you drawing-  Each guest wrote their address on an envelope and a winner was drawn.  This makes it so much easier for mom to write her than you notes.
Gift Bingo- blank bingo sheets were given out and guests fill in the gifts they thought Lindsay would get.  As Lindsay opened the gifts, you would mark your sheet and the bingo winners got a prize.
The prizes:
We had sugar and spice candy bouquets for the winners. 
Photo Apr 15, 1 07 15 PM

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