Saturday, January 14, 2012

Butterfly Canvas

Photo Jan 14, 9 13 56 PM

I saw on a butterfly canvas on a blog (of course I don’t remember what one) and decided a while ago that I wanted to make one to go in Em’s room. Photo Dec 18, 9 15 56 PM

I measured my canvas (20x16) and decided that I would do 10 rows of 8.  That meant 80 little butterflies to punch out.  My mom bought me a butterfly punch, which really made it go quick.  I used a ruler and a pencil to put little marks on the canvas where each butterfly would go.  I decided to leave one inch of space around the border and put the butterflies two inches apart both left and right and top and bottom.

  Then I laid them all out so I could make sure the colors were distributed evenly.  I went with very colorful because the idea of a one color pallet room just doesn’t fit my personality.  I knew I wanted to make a few art pieces that would make it so I could bring in something of any color and it would still “go” in the room.  Of course if you could do all pink or purple if that’s your style for a girls room.

Photo Jan 14, 7 50 45 PM     Photo Jan 14, 8 19 17 PM

After that, I folded the wings of each butterfly up so that the end product would be 3D.  Then the only thing left was gluing.  I used my new oh so cute glue gun that I got for Christmas and put a strip of hot glue down the middle of the butterfly and put it right on its little dot.  One thing that I found was that too much glue, and it would squish out… too little glue, and they would later pop off.

Photo Jan 14, 8 44 53 PM

I held it up against the wall, and man I like how it turned out. Now I just need to convince Lan to hang it :)

Photo Jan 14, 9 13 56 PM

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