Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Breakfast

I decided to make a Valentine’s breakfast.. and since I am a nerd, I made a bunch of heart shaped things.  First I took a cookie cutter and cut out a heart form the middle of the bread.  I put it on the skillet and cracked an egg into it.  I turned the cut out center of the bread into French toast.  I also made a fruit salad and cut the bananas into hearts. 

Photo Feb 14, 6 58 54 AMPhoto Feb 14, 6 59 45 AMPhoto Feb 14, 6 59 06 AM

It was tasty… and cute too :)  I probably should have planned better because I only left myself 5 minutes to gobble breakfast down with my honey, and then 5 minutes to get dressed for work.  If I had left myself enough time, I would have taken pictures of how I cut the bananas… but oh well. 

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