Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby cloths organization

So here I am 35 weeks pregnant.

I have been busy getting everything ready for this little one… and feeling like time is running out… probably because it is. One of the things I feel like has been my major accomplishment lately has been washing and organizing the bazillions of baby cloths we have been given. What can I say, everyone loves buying baby girl cloths, because they are just so darn cute! Which means we had a lot to wash and organize.

Photo Feb 11, 2 51 06 PM

I hung all of the outfits and coats in the closet, separated the same way they do in stores with the size dividers. Then all of the onesies and pants either went into her dresser if they were newborn or 0-3 months, or went into labeled tubs if they were older. I decided I wanted to buy tubs because they would be easy to get to and look through without hassle. When I also randomly accumulated more cloths, I could easily add them to the appropriate tub. I know that I will need everything to be easy and fast after this little one arrives… so that was my goal.

Photo Feb 13, 10 55 58 PMPhoto Feb 13, 10 55 51 PM

I have another shower in a few days (which means more cloths), so we will probably see soon how my theory is in practice.

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