Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Maternity Photos

You may not believe this based on my slightly blurry iphone photos that I didn’t bother to white balance, but we are actually a photography household.  My husband is the real photographer, and I play assistant and back up photographer.  We both have fancy Cannons and and have actually made money taking photos!  Yes, people pay us to take pictures.  I know shocking based on the pictures in this blog.    What can I say… I am lazy and addicted to just snapping the quick photos on my phone and uploading them using dropbox.  (if you don’t have dropbox… get it…. it is awesome). 
Well after pestering him for a few weeks, Lan took some maternity photos.  Then after pestering him for a few weeks after that, he got them off his camera and gave them to me :) yay!  These were taken when I was 37 weeks I believe…. and I have gotten quite a bit larger since then, but meah, we will ignore that fact :)
Here are a few of my favorites that he took.  The one with the two of us he used a timer.
So excited for Emmalynn to get here, and yes, I will bust out the fancy camera for her :)

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