Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Two Months (a little late)

Here we are… two months later.  I will probably say this every month, but I can’t believe it.

Weight: 10 lbs

Length: 21.70 in

Even though Em is on the small side on the charts, she is definitely putting on her baby chub 



Hormones.  I didn’t think that two months later my hormones would still be regulating, but they are.  At my six week appointment, I ended up balling while answering questions about being anxious about returning to work, sleep, pumping, etc… and cried at the drop of a hat for the next two days.  Even when I was perfectly happy, stress free, and well rested, I felt like I could cry.  A few days later, I was fine.  I had a few days of this last month, so I think my body is still adjusting. 

I also went back to work three days before her two month birthday.  I miss her so much when I'm gone.


Sleep!  The day after I told Lan that I didn’t think I would ever get to sleep a good night again… Em slept wonderfully.  We figured out a trick to get Em to sleep… well Lan did. 

Photo Apr 28, 9 02 23 AM

She loves it… which you can see form her smile.  We swaddle her… then wrap her in a towel.  She doesn’t like to be able to move apparently.  A simple swaddle isn’t enough… she needs to be completely immobilized. There is no way for her to break out of this and for it to get over her face (unlike her swaddle blankets which I have found over her face twice while still remaining swaddled!) 

She went from sleeping at night with one three hour, and then the rest 1 1/2-2 hr stretches to sleeping through the night with me waking her up at 3:30 for a feeding.  I am one happy momma, and she is a much better rested and happy baby.

Baby fussiness has started to get better as well.  I know more fussy time is headed our way with teething, but we are enjoying our happy baby.  She is so sweet and it still amazes me with the fact that she is mine.

Em’s new tricks:

in addition to sleep….

Em can now roll from tummy to back. 

She is definitely smiling socially.  She smiles at us, especially after a good nap, and has even smiled at some of her toys!  I am loving this.  It makes the fact that she is growing up so fast a little easier for this momma. She even giggles… but only while she is asleep :)

Shortly after her one month birthday we started putting her in a bumbo… and she loves it.  She was born with ridiculously good head control, and she is a super sitter.  She has gone for more than an hour perfectly happy in one while we talk with her.  This is some father daughter time while mom made some lunch.  She loves her bumbo. 

Photo Apr 28, 12 22 03 PM

Moms and dads are so different, and I love that God made us this way. (prepare for generalizations here)  Where moms are so much more careful, nurturing, and well paranoid… dads are more playful and not afraid to try things with the little ones.  Hence Lan being the one to find a way to help her sleep and the best way to make her burp (which involves hanging her over your shoulder bone so there is pressure on her tummy.  Seriously the best way to get her to burp and at times the only way to stop her from crying.  I guess that tummy pressure really makes her feel good)  Their relationship is so different from hers and mine, and I love it. 

She has also been having fun on a play gym that we borrowed.  She will spend both tummy time and back time on the mat (which she won’t do on the one we were given for her).  So, I think I will be purchasing the same one since she likes it so much.  It is awesome to have other friends having babies and able to try each others baby products out.

Things that I love:

I feel like I am finally getting a handle on all of this...well sometimes I feel like I am getting a handle on this.  My little girl is getting more and more personality and I love the fact that she loves me and her dad so much.  The fact that she fusses with other people and then is happy when we hold her and smiles at us melts my heart. 

I love watching Lan with Em.  They love each other so much, and I can tell that she loves him as much as she loves me, but for different reasons.  I find it amazing that I can already see these things in her.  Before Em was born, Lan was terrified of babies… only loving to play with them once they were more sturdy and probably about a year.  Well, he is a natural with Em and has definitely gotten over his baby fear. 

Things I have learned:

Breastfeeding is a good time to write blog posts… and typing one handed gets easier the more that you do it :)  When you are stuck sitting on the couch or in bed with your boob occupied four about half of every day, there is only so much staring into your little one’s eyes that you can do…. especially if those eyes are closed...which seems to be most of the time.  (when they are open I talk and sing to her) 

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