Sunday, August 5, 2012

wash your washing machine

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Did you know that your washing machine needs to be washed?  I didn’t.  I noticed my towels started to stink even right out of the wash, so I started looking up a way to get the stink out.  It was recommended to first wash your washing machine.  I had noticed that my machine was a little stinky so I thought I would give it a try.  There are apparently three different methods.
Bleach: This kills bacteria and any leftover poop from washing poopy cloths or cloth diapers.  This also prevents slime and mold from building up.  All you do is wash an empty maximum load on hot and add two cups of bleach.
Vinegar: a green option.  Use regular distilled white vinegar to remove soap scum, grease, and odors.  Vinegar also kills mold.  Run an empty maximum load on warm and add half a gallon of vinegar.
Lemon Juice: It is supposed to remove rust and odor.  Add one cup of lemon juice to a hot wash on maximum water level.  Again make sure it is an empty load and let the whole wash cycle run.
I decided to do the bleach option… although next time I will probably use vinegar as it is nontoxic and I have been trying to cut down the toxins in our home.  It worked great.  My washer smells fresh and clean.

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