Friday, September 21, 2012

6 months

I know I say this every month, but I can’t believe how much my sweet baby has grown.  She is starting to loose some of her baby qualities and take up some little girl qualities.  I was looking though her newborn cloths the other day and it made me want to cry.  I have absolutely loved each stage, but I also desperately miss her tinny squishyness. 
Weight: 15 lbs
Height: 26 in
Going back to work.  Even though I love my job, I hate it.  If I have to work, this is a good one.  I enjoy teaching and the kids…. I just absolutely HATE being away from Em.  I miss her so much when I am at work.  Thankfully I am busy the whole day so it goes fast.  It is such a bummer though that only get a little bit of time with my baby each day.  A good portion of that time is actually spent when she is cranky.  Her happiest time of the day, I am at work :/
When she is asleep I am busy trying to get housework, laundry, and work done.  I'm back to the days when showering is a luxury.  It is a bummer to not have time to do things that I enjoy.  By the time I sit on the couch… all I want to do is sit.  I don’t really have the energy to craft.
Em’s new tricks and triumphs:
She can now sit unassisted!  I still spot her because we have wood floors…. but she is good enough that if we were on carpet I wouldn’t need to do that. 
She is getting so close to crawling.  She is definitely on the move.  She can army crawl across the floor…. just a tad slowly.
She has started sucking on her toes.  It is so cute!
Em loves drinking water from a cup.  She gets so excited and tries to hold the cup herself.  Sometimes she doesn’t spill a drop and sometimes it gets all over.
She is slowly packing on chub.  She still has a skinny waist, but has rolls on her thighs.
Apparently she loves the bottle now and even holds it all by herself.
Things that I love:
I love how interactive she is.  I love that she is a total mommas girl.  She loves me so much and with going back to work I need that reassurance.  I love how serious she takes blowing raspberries…. she works hart at those things (see last two pics).  I love how easy she is.  I love that she is ticklish.  I love her fluffy cloth butt.  I have a minor cloth addiction now :)… and opposite from that I love her cute tinny nakie butt.  I love how she laughs hysterically when you blow on her tummy.
Things I have learned:
Working sucks.  pumping suck.  being a stay at home mom is easier than a working mom (sorry but in my case, this is true).  As a working mom I don’t get to spend time with my baby and I still need to get just as much done with far less time to do it.
I am really working on being content in the place where I am.  I am grateful for a job that I love.  I am grateful that I can financially contribute to my family to make our lives more comfortable.  I am grateful that her grandparents watch her…. and they do it for free.  I am grateful that she gets to spend time with her cousin while I am at work.  I am grateful that I have support.  I am grateful that Lan drops her off (did it today and it was heartbreaking walking out the door as she was reaching for me and fussing).  I am grateful that I get to pick her up.  I am grateful for the time I do get to spend with her…. I know not all babies make it.
This girl is constantly changing.  Now I know Em is ready to be laid down in bed when she stops nursing and starts wiggling.  I miss when she would let me nurse her to sleep, but am happy that she has good sleep habits.  There is now way I want to rock her to sleep when she is 5.  I'm glad she can fall asleep on her own…. but I do miss the snuggles.

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