Saturday, March 30, 2013

11 months

so I never weighed or measured her this month…. mommy fail.  Im also over a month late with her blog post.  Better late than never.



Em was teething a lot and for about four days would eat very little.  She only wanted to nurse and wouldn’t take a bottle.  She was visibly loosing weight.  Poor baby.  I took off work one day so that I could nurse her more often.  Being a working momma is hard… and when your baby needs you ad you can’t be there for her… it absolutely sucks.

Em’s new tricks, triumphs, and favorites:

This month was filled with a log of big firsts.  Em loves to slide and can go down by herself. 

She will point at eyes in a book and say the word eyes. 

She will tickle Elmo’s tummy to get him to laugh. 

She will kiss animals and pictures in books…. and occasionally your nose when you ask. 

She LOVES Jamba Juice.

Her favorite books are Pat the Bunny and Eat (filled with pictures of babies eating)

She also took her first steps.  the first one she took for dad while I was in the other room cleaning.  He says it didn’t count because she took the step and fell.  We then sat down as a family and she took another step.  I was so afraid that I would miss this first and I am so glad that she did it at home and not at Ohm and Noi’s house (grandma and grandpas). 

Things that I love:

I love watching her take her first steps. 

I love that she points to pictures in books.

I love how much she needs me and loves me. 

I love how silly she is.

I love that she is forming favorites.  She loves to read and has favorite books.  She has favorite toys too.  She loves to play with fake food and she is at the age where we can really pretend play.  I will pretend to drink from a cup and then so will she.

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