Saturday, March 30, 2013

bunny rolls

so pinterest is my friend.  I pin and pin and pin… and actually make very few of the things that I pin.  Part of that is because I have zero free time during the school year.  I have blissfully enjoying the start of spring break…. and with Easter tomorrow, I decided to try out one of my pins and make bunny shaped rolls.  I used my pin on pinterest as inspiration  and made my own version with modifications.

First of all I used refrigerator biscuits because, although I am on spring break, I have a one year old. 

I broke off a small bit of a biscuit and set it aside to make the tail later.  I took the biscuit and started tucking it into itself so that I could make it a round shape instead of a flat biscuit, then rolled it in my hands to keep it together.  That would end up being the bottom of my biscuit.

Photo Mar 30, 6 11 37 PMPhoto Mar 30, 6 11 48 PM

I then took scissors and made two snips in the circle to make the ears.

Photo Mar 30, 6 12 26 PMPhoto Mar 30, 6 12 36 PM

Then I used a toothpick to make holes and put peppercorns in for the eyes and nose.  Next time I will poke them in further because some of my peppercorns fell out during baking.

Photo Mar 30, 6 14 20 PM

I used a pair of scissors to make a slice in each ear to make it look more… ear like.

Photo Mar 30, 6 18 59 PM

I gave a little pinch to the head . attached a ball of dough for the tail (be sure to attach these well so that they don’t fall off when baking), then brushed each bunny with melted butter.  I made sure to brush behind the ears so that they wouldn’t stick back to the body while baking.

Photo Mar 30, 6 22 59 PMPhoto Mar 30, 6 29 46 PM

Then I baked the rolls according to the directions.

Photo Mar 30, 6 31 48 PMPhoto Mar 30, 6 45 49 PM

Happy Easter!

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