Sunday, October 16, 2011

A little maternity closet cleaning

Photo Oct 16, 6 04 49 PM

Today I decided to clean out my drawers and closet to make room for my maternity cloths.  I gathered to gather all of the cloths that didn’t fit or were tight before I got pregnant that I recently grew out of, so that I could put them into storage.  I decided to keep the cloths that still fit now, as they will be the first things I will be able to fit into after the baby is born.  Man I had to pack up a lot of cloths.  I purchased one 20 gal tub, thinking it would be large enough….. WRONG!  Oh well… at least half of the cloths are now packed up.  Bye cloths… see you in probably about a year when I fit in you again… or hopefully less. :)  Now the cloths I currently fit in, and the ones that I am growing into are all snug in my drawers and closet instead of sitting on top of my drawers or on my dining room table. 

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