Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Tonight our fellowship group came over for a pumpkin carving party.  While many went for the traditional Jack-o-Lanterns, I wanted to so something cute.  A friend reminded me of a Pintrest  idea (oh Pintrest… how I love thee) of using a cookie cutter to punch designs into a pumpkin.

Photo Oct 29, 9 36 05 PMPhoto Oct 29, 9 37 15 PMPhoto Oct 29, 9 37 46 PM

I used a mallet to hammer in the cookie cutter, and the pushed out the center.  I made five cut outs in the pumpkin. 

Photo Oct 29, 9 42 53 PM

So Cute :)  And then my husband carved this:

Photo Oct 29, 9 50 45 PM

And there is the difference between girls and boys.

We are now happily eating roasted pumpkin seats…. toasted by none other than Jessica from Just About A Girl.

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