Monday, January 28, 2013

10 months

Height: 28 in

Weight: 17.7 lbs



She has started doing alligator rolls while being changed. 

I am still struggling with balancing everything.  Some weeks I feel like I am getting into the groove of being a working mom…. only to get lost under a mountain of papers to grade and dirty diapers to wash (cloth diapers).  Some weeks I feel like I am rocking things…. only to start failing miserably. 

My mood changes drastically and it is often in correlation to the cleanliness of my house. When my house is clean… I tend to feel better. Like life is in order. (now I'm not talking OCD clean…. because who has time for that). When things are messy my life feels messy.

She is also starting to through temper tantrums… already

Em’s new tricks, triumphs, and favorites:

Em is becoming more and more independent.  She is beginning to stand on her own, but she is only bale to do so for a few seconds at a time.  She is pulling up on everything and cursing the furniture.  She is also pulling things down on herself, stealing things off of the coffee table, and getting into wires.

She loves pulling all of her books off of the shelf, playing with her tea set, stealing mom’s keys, and she loves loves loves her musical Elmo.  She will push a button for a song then wave her hands around as it plays.  She still absolutely loves being outside.  Wagon rides around our new patio are a big favorite. 

Even though she is still a total mommies girl, she loves ride on daddy’s shoulders.  She gets so excited when dad gets home from work… but then freaks out if he tries to take her away from mom. 

She is starting to say mum and mama all the time.

She has two adorable bottom teeth.

She loves to eat.

Things that I love:

I love that she is feeding herself.  She is so good in restaurants… as long as she has food on her tray.  Now my options when ordering out are more limited since I am sharing with my little one.  The advantage though is I actually get to eat my food while it is hot :)

I love her goofy cheese ball grin.  So darn cute!

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