Friday, January 4, 2013

8 Months

so…. I'm a few months behind.  Oops.  Here is what I remember about month 8

Weight: 17 lbs

Height: ?



She has been cranky as she is working on those teeth.  Poor sore gums :(

Em is a total momma’s girl.  On one hand I love it… but on the other hand, I know it is hard on Lan.  He needs some baby lovin too.

Em’s new tricks, triumphs, and favorites:

Em has started showing interest in dolls.  It is so cute.  She is going to be a great mommy ;)  That is once she stops poking her babies’ eyes.

We officially have a crawler.  She still does her beached whale crawl…. but now she switches it up with real crawling too :)  She also was able to go from a crawling position to a sitting position without face planning.

She has started mimicking the things that we do and is learning how to feed herself.

Things that I love:

I love watching her grow and learn new things.  When she is upset she cries, reaches for me and says momma.  Lan says it doesn’t count as her first word because she only says it when she is crying.  But I love hearing her say it… even if it “doesn’t count”

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