Tuesday, February 15, 2011


With a title like Asparagus, you may be thinking this is a recipe post…but no. I’m talking paint. We have officially painted the first room in our home and are loving it. Now if I can just convince Lan to either let me paint the paneling or take it down. Neither of us like it… but who knows what can of worms we would uncover, so for now, it stays.

Before: please ignore all the junk in the bottom of this photo




We love how it turned out. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but the walls look clean, crisp, and a little more modern. Now we just need to put something on the walls for that polished look.


Above you can see a closer look of a weird mini column in our room. The wall is actually textured wallpaper that they sponge painted. It was dirty.. and just looked weird. We did discover that those vertical pieces of paneling on the corners of the panel are purely there for “decoration”. Bye bye decoration.


I may not have gotten rid of all of the paneling…. but aaahhhh... doesn’t that look better

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