Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Green Tea Challenge is officially called

We have officially called the green tea challenge. Well, it was actually called a few weeks ago... but who is counting. Jessica and I went a good three weeks without our beloved coffee... and were pleasantly surprised with the results.

The switch to green tea was a smooth one. I didn't go through coffee withdrawals. Each morning I filled my to go mug with piping hot green tea and kept the tea bag in. Then when I got to work, I re-filled on hot water. It did the job of warming me up and giving me my caffeine fix. It wasn't quite a cosey as my morning cup of coffee laden with flavored creamer, but it did the job. A big bonus that I noticed was the fact that on days where I didn't feel like having coffee or tea, I didn't get a withdrawal headache like I did when I was just on coffee. Not to mention the fact that it is far less calories. Jessica noticed that she didn't have the afternoon crash, and now that she is back on coffee, she is good with just one cup instead of...well... more :) It was kindof like a coffee detox.

I am not totally back on coffee... it is more like an indulgence now for those mornings that waking up is absolute torture. I am trying to loose weight, so having those few extra calories when I drink green tea instead of coffee comes in very nice. Who knows if it is speeding up my metabolism or not, but at least it is a drink that isn't adding to my waist line.

Final verdict: green tea = a good thing

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  1. yay green tea! Even though I haven't been drinking green tea lately, I'm still ok with less coffee (although sometimes I drink more just because I like it). This was a good experiment. I think I'll do a coffee detox more often!