Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When the in-laws come to visit

This weekend Lan was replacing our door frame and asked his dad to come and help him. As always when we see them, they came baring food! Yum :) The fried rice was eaten that day for lunch and the home made egg rolls are in the freezer for a dinner this week :) They also brought with them some fruit. In the background is a branch off of their kumquat tree. Yes... the whole branch. That big spiky thing in my poorly lit slightly blurry photo isn't a hedge hog, but it is a fruit called Durian.

The outside skin is very spiky. Personally I would use gloves, but my manly husband said he didn't need them. You cut off a large section of the husk and pull it back. you can see how thick the skin is. The fruit is inside and you just scoop it out.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of fruit in there. There are large seeds coated by the fruit. Simply peal the fruit off of the seed when you are ready to eat it. We mixed some in with some vanilla ice cream, and then froze the rest in a plastic bag to be used later. (freeze it with the seeds)

Its an interesting flavor that not many people like. It has almost a savory taste. Hey if you are up for an adventure, pick one up at your local Asian store. They sell them frozen, so letting it defrost will make cutting into the thick skin much easier.
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