Friday, March 18, 2011

bye bye weird curtains

First let me explain what you are seeing in this picture… because our house is definitely not a cookie cutter house. Your are actually looking at a wall of mirrors, and seeing the room in a reflection. In the mirror, you can see the half wall and door that leads to our den (it was an add on) As you can see…. there were these weird curtains in the middle of our house framing the wall from one room to another. Normally you see curtains along a doorway to the outside.. but not in our house. Besides the fact that I think it is weird to have curtains in the middle of our house… they are not exactly our style. Lan tried to convince me to keep them because they reminded him of a move theater. Ummm, sorry hun… not exactly the look I was going for in my dining/living room.


So one day when I couldn’t stand them any more, I started to take them down… which lead to Lan shaking his head and taking over. Hehehe… my plan worked perfectly. Taking down the curtains revealed some long cracks in the wall. Not too surprising in a 60 year old home that has been through some big earthquakes, so we said a prayer that the cracks were only cosmetic and patched them up with some patch and paint compound.


Ahhhhhhh… so much better. It made the space feel so much more open and clean. As you can see we also updated the broken chandelier with a more modern one. I am now itching to paint :)


Every little thing that we do makes me gitty and really helps make it feel like our home.

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