Saturday, July 14, 2012

Favorite Kitchen Items Gift

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One of my friends is moving to Texas.  She has never lived on her own, so to send her off, we are all bringing her some of our favorite kitchen/ household items.  I bought her silicone scrapers and a mini colander.
silicone scrapers:  I love these.  I that they are made of one solid piece.  I used to have those kid with the rubber scraping part and wood handle.  The problem was that junk would get in between  the crevices.  Nasty!  These are great.  there is no place for germs and gunk to hide.
Mini colander: I rarely get out my large colander.  I use this mini colander to wash berries, strain veggies, and even strain pasta.  With only two people, This min one suits most of our needs.  I keep it in the cabinet with my bowls because I use it so often.

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