Wednesday, July 25, 2012

flower hair clips

I decided to make some flower hair clips to go with the pearl onesies I made for a friend.  First get some fake flowers of your choice.  Remove the center part by pulling.  The petal pieces will all come apart.  You will want to hot clue all of the separate petal layers together.
Photo Jul 09, 3 07 57 PMPhoto Jul 09, 3 08 07 PMPhoto Jul 09, 3 08 29 PM
Cut out a circle of felt and draw a line of hot glue down it.  Clamp it in a hair clip.  Then cover the top with glue and attach to the back of the petals.
Photo Jul 09, 3 10 55 PMPhoto Jul 09, 3 11 20 PMPhoto Jul 09, 3 11 39 PM
I turned the clip over and either glued a button in the middle or added beads.  To add beads, I made a puddle of hot glue in the center of the flower and poured beads into it.  I then lightly pressed them so that they would get down into the glue.
Photo Jul 09, 3 12 42 PMPhoto Jul 09, 3 17 51 PM
I was able to do each clip in like 5 min!  I love fast crafts.  There is something totally awesome about instant gratification and being able to finish a project during one of Em’s naps.  I made one clip to go with each of the pearl onesies, and one clip for Em.
Photo Jul 09, 3 24 19 PMPhoto Jul 09, 3 24 54 PM
Look at my cutie modeling her flower clip.
Photo Jul 09, 4 42 04 PM

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