Monday, July 16, 2012

Pearl necklace onesie

One of my friends recently found that she is having a girl :) So that day, I started to make a few gifts.  I have seen pearl necklace onesies before, and didn’t think they would be difficult to make.  In just about 10 min I was able to make two onesies! 

First take some wax paper and put it inside the onesie so that the paint doesn’t bleed though.  Take some tape and tape back those little flaps at the top of the onesie so that paint doesn’t get smeared on them.

Photo Jul 09, 1 51 27 PMPhoto Jul 09, 1 52 49 PM

Then you just get some puffy paint and start making your necklaces.  Photo Jul 09, 2 01 26 PM

The finished results :) I added a little fine glitter while the paint was wet… just for a little extra pizazz :)

Photo Jul 09, 2 04 17 PMPhoto Jul 09, 2 22 16 PM

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