Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tie Dye attempt

So I bought a dye kit a while ago and thought it would be cute to tie dye a few white onesies.  I didn’t look up directions, but was going off of what I remembered from elementary summer camp.  Great idea I know. 

So I used a chopstick and twisted to make swirls, then used rubber bands.  as long as the rubber bands are tight, where they touch the fabric, it will be white… or at least lighter. 

Photo Jul 06, 7 32 14 PMPhoto Jul 06, 7 32 58 PM

Once I had my onesies all bundled up, I dyed them according to the directions of my dye kit.  I thought I was making pink dye… but it turned out it was orange.  The jars of powder weren’t labeled… so oh well… I took a risk.  Orange is good too though :)

Photo Jul 06, 7 40 52 PMPhoto Jul 06, 7 53 58 PM

The only problem is I went wrong somewhere along the way.  They didn’t turn out how I wanted them to.  I suppose I’ll look up directions next time :)

Photo Jul 06, 10 33 18 PM

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