Friday, May 13, 2011

Look MOM…No bugs!

In our den we have a large sliding glass door. When we first moved in, there was no screen on the door, so we added that to our long list of things we wanted to get for the house. About a week ago while Lan was crawling under the deck, he found the original screen. It had a huge tear in it, but the frame was in decent shape.

Lan got a Screen repair kit for $8.50 and we got to work.

*be prepared for some very non-technical explaining :)

Photo May 03, 9 08 28 PM

First you take out the old screen and lay the new one over the frame. Cut the screen so that it is about 1/2 in to 1 in past the inner part of the door frame. Tape it in place so that it doesn’t move around when you push the screen and rubber thing into the groove.

Photo May 03, 9 08 38 PM

Lay the rubber strip on top of the screen and use the wheel thing to push the rubber and screen into into the groove.

Photo May 03, 9 09 45 PM

cut off the excess screen just above the rubber thing.

Photo May 03, 9 11 58 PM


Photo May 03, 9 32 06 PM

Then the next day, two different people ran into the screen during our house warming party :/ Don’t get me wrong, is still fine… it just isn’t as tight anymore.

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  1. we need to do this, so many screens have rips. and rips mean bugs. ew. thanks for the kick to get it done.