Friday, May 13, 2011

Make your grass work for you

Awhile ago, we saw somewhere in blogland, the idea for growing grass as an indoor decoration. We loved it and decided that it would add a nice green pop around the house for our housewarming party. We were at home Depot, and I just couldn’t get over the $15 price tag for a bag of grass seed. Yeiks! Then I saw this idea somewhere else in blogland for using wheatgrass to decorate. Hmmm…. at least this grass you can eat and get some of your money back from it. Well, I couldn’t find the correct type of seed to grow wheatgrass (it is supposed to be Red Hard Winter Wheat)…. so I just bought some ordinary wheat…. and you want to know how much it cost me… a whopping $1.15 baby!

Photo May 01, 12 04 28 PM

First you need to soak your wheat for about 24 hours. You should be able to see little white things at the end of your seeds, that is the root!

Photo May 01, 12 04 34 PM

Rinse them and then lay them out evenly on some dirt with about an inch between the seeds and the top of the pot. You will need to cover them. I don’t know why this makes a difference, but we tried them covered and uncovered, and the covered ones did much better. Then you just spray the seeds with a spray bottle several times a day.

Photo May 01, 12 11 26 PM

After another day or two you should see some green shooting up

Photo May 01, 12 11 09 PM

Once the green reaches the top of the pot, you no longer need to keep them covered. In a week, your grass should be nice and tall :). Since these were for our housewarming, we taped some pictures to chopsticks and put them in the grass. We had these all through our house to show the before pictures.

Photo May 08, 2 51 03 PM

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