Tuesday, April 13, 2010

burp cloths

I have so many friends who are having babies! These are the burp cloths that I have been making... so if you are pregnant and my friend.... then stop reading :)

I bought a large pack of reusable diapers at Babies R Us. The re-usable diapers have a thicker part in the middle. I measured this part and then cut out a piece of fabric that was that size with about 1/4 inch extra all around. If it is a fabric that will run, then I would do a zig zag stitch around the entire perimiter before donig anything else.

I then place the fabric on the diaper and tucked the edges in and pinned.

I did a straight stitch all the way around the outside, close to the edge. I then did another stitch about 1/4 inch in, simply because I thought it looked nicer. If you try this hopefully you sew straighter than I do :) Hey, I always say that if it isn't perfect, then people will know that I took the time to make it myself for them :)

I got fancy on some... and even added ruffles on one! I made some of them out of old T-shirts. Not only does it make the burp cloths cute, but it is also another way to be green through re-purposing!

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