Monday, April 19, 2010

"Tuxido" Ruffle Pillow

I got this pillow with a blanket for Christmas. I ended up just taking it to my classroom since I didn't really know what to do with it. This week I decided I would re-cover it. So, I bought two white shirts from the dollar store.
I cut out a 15x15 square. I was pleasantly surprised that my pillow was just a tad smaller than my quilting ruler, so I just cut out perfectly around it :)

Out of the second shirt I cut off the bottom hem and tossed it. Then I cut a strip that was about 3 inches. Since it was off the bottom of the shirt it was like a tube. I cut it so that it made one long strip and then did a ruffle stitch down the middle.

I pinned it in the middle of one of my squares and then did a straight stitch down the middle.

I cut another strip about 1 1/2 inches, cut to make it one long strip. I pin it in the middle of the ruffle and sew around the perimeter.

Then I sew down the edges of the ruffle.

At this point I sew on buttons if I want them. then I pin right sides together and sew, leaving a hole large enough to turn right side out and stuff in the pillow.After the Pillow is in, I stitch it closed and ..... cute pillow!


  1. very cute and a great idea!
    dressing up is always important!!!

  2. SO cute! I posted about my ruffled muslin pillows and one had tuxedo detailing but different from yours. Love all the ruffled pillow designs out there!

  3. Julieanne,
    Thanks for visiting my pillow post on my blog! I made mine from unbleached muslin, tho white bleached muslin or even tea dyed would look good, too. I like the dark, mixed buttons on your pillow. I noticed that your husband's name is Lan, and we have a Lan here. I told his wife that the only OTHER time I'd seen that name was in a fantasy story and he was the Queen's personal guard. She smiled and said, "Yes, he still is."

  4. the pillow turned out really cute. and what a great idea to use t-shirts!

  5. Super cute - Love the ruffle! Would love to have you stop by the Sunday Showcase Party. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Great way to repurpose a t-shirt!

  6. Julieann,
    Gorgeous pillow! Thanks for joining the Craftaholics Anonymous Support Group! I had fun stopping by and checking out your craftiness!