Saturday, April 3, 2010

Smashberry Jam!

Smashberry Jam is perfect for moms to do with their kids, for you to do in your classroom, make and give as gifts, or just because it is so yummy!

After taking my Kindergarten class on a trip to a fruit and vegetable farm, we read the book Jamberry, and then made our own Smashberry Jam! It was so easy. I took three bags of frozen strawberries, but you could also use any othe
r type of berries. I pored them into a big ziplock bag and we all sat in a circle passing the bag and smashing the berries. When it was all smushy and goopy, you add no cook pectin and sugar (I just guessed but you can read the back of the pectin package to be exact)

According to my package of no cook pectin I let it set for 30 minuets. We did a taste test at school, then I took the jam bag home and put it in a clean jam container. We had Open house at the end of the week so I put it out with some cookies for the families to try. It was so fun for everyone to try what w
e had made. I also had everyone place a strawberry on a graph to see if they liked it. The families had so much fun doing this yummy activity together.

It was such a hit that the families ate probably 2/3 of the jar. I took the rest home to enjoy with my husband. So far I have found that it is super yummy on pancakes!

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