Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fun Shaped Pancakes!

Don't fun shaped pancakes just make you smile!

My mom gave me this fun little pancake shaper thing. You probably have already guessed that she gave it to me for Valentine's day... and now months later I finally decided to use it. As I was using it I thought to myself... this is just a cookie cutter with an easy way to pick it up!
So that gave me an idea. Why not just use a cookie cutter and a pair of needle nose pliers? So I did. Now don't laugh... yes I know it is now spring and no longer fall... but I am a Kindergarten teacher and most of my cookie cutters are at work. So yes... I know it is a pumpkin, but hey, it will do the job. Be sure to spray it with non-stick spray before you begin, put it on the skillet and then pour in the batter. Remove the cookie cutter with the pliers before you flip the pancake and....
Bam!! fun shaped pancake without the need of an over priced silly device.

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