Thursday, October 6, 2016

iced coffee

Each day requires a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus in order for me to function .  I have begun keeping a constant supply of iced coffee in my frig.  I have always loved coffee, but actually stopped drinking it when I was pregnant with Olivia... then she was born..... and developed colic..... and well.... the whole not drinking coffee thing went right out the window.  I was buying the refrigerated cartons of Starbucks pre-mixed coffee, but found that I was going through it rather quickly.  Then I found this tutorial for making cold brew coffee from the Pioneer Woman.  Game changer!  I make about half of a recipe when I make it... simply because I don't have as much frig space as she does.

I typically use any type of coffee that I can get my hands on, but the stronger the coffee the better for this.  I like the Cafe Bustelo espresso.  This makes a very strong coffee, almost a coffee concentrate.  I often water it down a little or add extra milk.  I use just a cheap gallon pitcher and a brick of the espresso.  You can find it at Target for a little less than $4 or on Amazon (click here) for even less!

I fill my pitcher with filtered water, add the brick of espresso, stir, let sit over night.  In the morning I use my coffee strainer (found this at my local Asian market) to filter out the grounds and store the coffee in large mason jars.  I add sugar free creamer for Lan and regular sweet cream creamer for myself.  YUM!  Making the coffee cold brew style eliminates a lot of acidity.  I am not a fan of sour coffee so I love this method.

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