Friday, April 1, 2011

dizzy tired

*I was finally able to fix the picture problem.

If you are wondering why I haven't blogged in a while... this is why:

Yesterday was open house. It was the longest day ever I left the house at 7am, and didn’t get back until after 11pm. (I live too far away to make it worth while to go home in between school and open house, and then after a bunch of teachers got pie) Today was spent recovering. I seriously slept most of the day, and still feel tired enough to sleep tonight. Below I posted some pictures of what I have been up to. Above you can see some of the whole class shots. There was a lot going on. On their desks they had folders with tons of work in them. Their journals were propped up on their desks, and on their chairs were their Charlotte's Web shirts that they designed. You can also see the solar system hanging across my ceiling.


I set up a voting booth where they could vote on their next read aloud book, we had up a class quilt, and their foot projects since our theme this year is following in Jesus' steps, and each student drew pictures of their parents and at open house, the parents had to guess who they were.

On our writing board, I out their latest essays up (some of which were finished that day) and I put up math posters that the students made on the whiteboard where I do group tutoring.

IMG_0697 IMG_0699

The science board was packed. I had a few of their moon phases up, a few of their constellations up (they dropped stars onto a paper, glued them, and then had to see what picture they saw in the stars), and all of their planet projects up. It was an accumulation of the unit that we just finished. You can kind of see above their ecosystems projects, and below the board their Live Out Loud projects (they had to do community service four times).


After studying psalms, I also had the kids write their own psalms.

There was actually a tone more stuff. The night went really well. Families stayed in my room a really long time looking at everything. They were all impressed with the room, loved my dress, and were having a good time. Success!!

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