Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Wreath

I have been wanting to make a wreath for the spring for a while. (well I had wanted to make one for winter... but that didn't really happen... so spring it is... even through it is almost summer :) I am not a huge Easter decoration type of girl. Don't get me wrong.. I love Easter, it is the day we celebrate our Savior's resurrection. I am just not into the pastels. So, while out one day with my mom I got an idea for making a fun spring wreath that wasn't too Easter-ish.

I bought this wooden "P" and with my handy dandy glue gun, I started gluing decorative moss to it.

I thought that the bright green said spring without being cheesy.

I then tied the "P" into the middle of a twig wreath.

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  1. hi julieanne- had to come and check out your wreath! Now i'm a new follower. Would you come back and follow me too (maybe we can inspire each other). I want to try the moss and letter thing.. I can't find the joann coupons everyone keeps talking about. off to the depot to start a shelf...