Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sock Monkey


Oh Sock Monkeys. How I love thee. I found the tiny military sock monkey (my Godson’s dad is in the Air force) in Solvang, and decided to try and make a large one to go with it. I had gotten this sock monkey kit at a garage sale… but these kids are available online, or you can just buy the socks and look up directions online. They are everywhere including here or here.

I am a visual person… I I mainly went off of the pictures shown below and winged it. You cut along the dotted lines and sew along the solid lines double stitching where you see the dots.


Sometimes when I sew… it turnes out like this… all knotted (look close at all fo that white thread in the big mess below). I think it is funny when people are amazed that I sew. Oh if they only knew… well now I guess they do Smile


Well I sewed the arms and legs… and they should look like they do below (arms left, legs right)


Then I stuffed the legs, body, and arms.In order to stuff the arms, I kept them inside out, then slowly turned them right side out as I stuffed it. That way it got stuffed evenly and easily.


When you sew the ears, you end up closing them. Take a pair of siccors and cut along the fold. Turn inside out and stuff.


You sew the arms, mouth, and ears on using a whip stitch. (sorry, no picture)

Then you add eyes, and perhaps some personality accessories


I am now super excited to make some sock monkeys with some fun and crazy socks.

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