Sunday, April 24, 2011

Photo Wall

Lan and I have been wanting to create a photo wall for a while. Since we moved in, we have planned on hanging a ton of photos of family and friends... and we finally got around to it. The first step in our photo collage was to hand this rod iron sign that said memories. The sign didn't have any nail holes to hang it, so we found these rod iron staple looking things and gave them a shot.
They worked perfect. Unless you were right up next to it, you couldn't even see them :)

After the sign was hung, I cut papers the sizes of the frames that I had, and placed them where I thought they would look nice. I have seen a lot of people use newspaper or adds to do this.. but I found it distracting. I felt like I got a better idea of what the photos would look like when I used plane white paper.

I then took each paper down and marked on it where the hanger thing was and where I wanted to put my hole. That way I would get my nail in the exact right spot for each frame

I nailed it in and then ripped off the paper. Since we live where earthquakes are common, we used ook hooks which are a little bit more earthquake friendly than a simple nail, and it can hold more weight

Now all that is left is to change out our pictures :)

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