Sunday, April 24, 2011

Midnight Warriors

I am sure that you all have heard the term Weekend Warriors (que Home Depot commercial), well Lan and I are midnight warriors. It seems like we always start our projects at midnight, at some random moment of inspiration and wanting to be productive. Our first one was when we re-did our grout. This time it involved painting.

On my spring break, I decided that I wanted to paint both our living/dining room, and the hallways. I got all of the stuff and planned on starting Monday morning while Lan was at work (I had spring break), but at midnight the night before, we decided to just test the paint and see how it looked. Well that test turned into doing almost all of the edging. The first few brush strokes were very scary. Lan and I had the same reaction that we did when we painted the den… oh no, what have we done? Once we had the first coat up, we started to feel better, then after the second coat dried, we loved it.


We used this sure line edger. It doesn’t work quite as well as the edge lock painters tape, but it is much faster.


I even took the time to write some prayers and verses on our walls.


I love how it turned out Smile


In between coats I used some plastic wrap on the brushes and roller trays. That way I didn’t have to wash everything. They are good that way overnight, but not much longer.


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