Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hanging with out a hook thing

Have something (in our case some framed mirrors) that don't have the hook things so that you can hang them? Yes.. you could go out and by them, but who likes to spend money when you don't have to? My husband saw this idea online where you take the tab off of a soda and use it as the hanging thing. Yay free solutions.


We then hung them using the same paper method as the photo wall.


We are still trying to decide whither to keep them dark brown or pant them white to match the trim.


  1. That idea is GENIUS!! and I would paint them so they stand out against the wall :)

  2. We plan to paint them white. We bought a bunch of white frames for our other brown hallway (which is big stack in the corner of our den)... there just hasn't been time yet :)

  3. That is one of the coolest hanging ideas ever!!! Thanks for sharing it. And I think the mirrors would love great painted white, it would make them stand out more.