Monday, January 24, 2011

Glass Cutting

Our good friend Jessica came over the other night to cut glass.  This is a project that we have been wanting to do for a while now.  We saw this really cool tutorial online, and months ago decided we were going to do it.  We have even gotten together before this several times to get it done and then got distracted doing something else.    But Saturday night was the night.  So here is the process….

before you start…. drink beer… lots of beer because you are going to mess up.  Step two… sober up.  You are going to be working with cut glass you crazy person.  We gathered our materials at an earlier date so no need to sober up. 

Step one- make yourself a similar contraption.  It needs to cradle the bottle and have a hole cut out for the glass cutter to go through.  A glass cutter doesn’t actually cut glass, but etches it.IMG_0413

This is important so that you get a nice, even etch all the way around your bottle.

Step two- press the glass etcher down firmly and spin the bottle.  You should get a clear etching all the way around.


Step three- alternate pouring boiling water and cold water over the seem.  The heating and cooling will stress the glass and it will hopefully crack along the etch.  As you can see we wore proper protection.


It is so cool.  You will see the glass start to crack.  It will grow and grow until, plop.  The top will simply fall off.

Step four- Now you just sand the top and you are done.  I have heard that beer bottles don’t crack as cleanly as wine bottles, so I would like to try that next.


We probably should have removed the sticker first … but we were lazy Smile

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