Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vintage Rosettes


Craftaholics Anonymous is having a link up for different types of flowers.  They are doing the linkup until February 12.  I got inspired to begin crafting up some original flowers.  So I made this vintage rosette.  Super cute (looks better in person) and I think I will end up putting it on a hair clip.  After having so much fin with this flower, I plan to get more creative on a few others.  Lets see if I actually do it though   Smile 


You begin buy bunching and sewing as you go.


Your Rosette will look something like above.  Since it is just bunching and sewing, they will all look a little different.


After that I took some of that elastic that they use on underwear (my grandma and mom made their own underwear back in the day and I inherited some of it.. along with their old fabrics)  and pleated it behind the rosette.


After I was done with that step, I did the same with a one inch lace.



All done Smile

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