Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Desks and Wall Flowers

The other day Lan went to Ikea and got us desks to go all the way around our office.  This is the before picture (pictures after we started cleaning my stuff out)

 IMG_0389 IMG_0388

We plan to paint the walls gray… but that will be a little bit later.  To jazz up the walls, we found these wall stickers at Ikea for 50 cents!  I LOVE them :)


I just pealed and stuck them on the walls.  Super easy.  They are also easy to re-adjust.  I have another pack to put on the walls after we paint :)

IMG_0391 110117 office

The desks will go around the whole office.  We started with my side, but Lan’s is more complicated because we have to take apart all of the computer stuff.  We are thinking about putting some shelves over on the other white wall… but for now, the flowers make me happy :)

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