Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Green Tea Challenge: Day 2

So I am sealing a blog post from my dear friend Jessica over at Just About A Girl. The other day when we did the glass cutting, Jessica and I decided to do a little experiment. After crafting, we were looking through some old Good House Keeping magazines that I dug out of the trash in the teacher's lounge. Before you all go ewwwwwww.... it was the recycle bin, so no, I am not desperate enough for magazines that I will riffle through old banana peels and lean Cuisine packages. Anyways, we were looking through them and came across an article on the benefits of green tea. We both love coffee (Jessica like leaps and bounds more than I) and have at least a cup a day (Jessica... a bit more) Well we put ourselves up to a little challenge. We decided to replace our coffee fix with green tea.

I started yesterday and had a successful day. No headache! Success.

I did my day two today! But I also cheated :) oops. So I had my cup of green tea in the morning and then another one when I got to work. Then at break... I gave in... not because I was craving more caffine or coffee... but because I was hungry. I figured having a cup of coffee would be better than say a sugary treat. I was weak. I should have had more tea... or water. But hey at least I should still be getting those health benefits since I am also drinking the green tea (and yes I know I am trying to justify it)

Overall I am feeling good! We will keep you updated :)

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  1. Yeah... I totally cheated today too. I have a meeting tonight, and someone brought me coffee. You can't say no to that! BUT I did really well up to this point :) This is kind of fun, I'm glad we're doing it together though!