Monday, January 24, 2011

termites :/

We have termites.  Lame.  You might be thinking to yourself…. didn’t you just buy your house… answer… yes.  You might be thinking to yourself… didn’t you have a termite inspection?…answer… yes.  So you might also be thinking…. didn’t you have work done before you moved in?… like doesn’t your bank need a clear termite report before you could fund?…. answer yes. 


We saw this little pile of termite droppings outside our front door :/


so Lan started poking the wood.  As you can see, the wood was toast.


so Lan did some more poking around and actually saw a termite.  :/  That means it isn’t just left over from the old infestation, but is a current one.

The termite people are coming tomorrow.

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