Thursday, January 27, 2011

Green Tea Challenge: Day 5

In honor of day 5 in the green tea challenge, and in honor of the flower linkup at Craftahololics Anonymous, and also in honor of me being in a silly mood and wanting to do a silly craft, I bring you…. the Green Tea Flower! Don’t worry, only one actual green tea bag was harmed in the making of this craft.


First I took the wrappers from all of those green tea bags that I have been drinking and one actual tea bag.


I put glue in the middle of one of the tea wrappers


and put another one on it angled


I continued with two other tea wrappers


glue a teabag in the middle and…….


you have a green tea flower Smile I do silly things when I am in silly moods. An no… I didn’t wear this one out. It was just for fun Smile

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